Solid Trade serves as a medium to provide a direct connection between the Egyptian Armed Forces and overseas suppliers. Its main role is to help source manufacturers to fulfill the Armament Authority`s requirements and mediate the contracting procedures. We can provide all assistant needed through several ways:
  • Legal: We mediate the contracting procedures, handle all related negotiations and push suggestions forward through our inner connections network.
  • Engineering: We manage, control and follow up on all joined projects from start to completion.
  • Financial: We negotiate payment terms, follow up and handle all required related procedures (LGP&LC opening and handling, Insurances, money transfer…etc.).
Our business operations are handled by highly trained engineers, with wide experiences in handling Military grade projects led by an Ex-procurement chief in the Egyptian army, which adds an advantageous motive, great deal of stability and an organization to the operation’s foundation.

Engineering Department:

Solid Trade serves customers in the commercial and defense industries. We combine complementary technology offerings and world-class engineering teams to deliver innovative solutions. Solid Trade Missiles & Defense provides the industry’s most advanced end-to-end solutions to detect, track and engage threats. The Engineering Division assists several reputable multi-national corporations in seeking business opportunities and expanding their market share in Egypt. In addition to marketing and business development activities, this division also provides its partners with pre and post contract services, such as consultancy, project management, human resources, etc. For further information, contact us to find out more about Solid Trade Co. and to find more about our services and activities.

Financial Department:

  • The Financial Department provides governmental and corporate relations services, as well as support activities for its partners.
  • Negotiate payment terms, follow up and handle all required related procedures, hence, monitoring Letters of Guarantee and Performance (LGP), Letter of Credit opening and handling, Insurance Bonds, money transfer…etc.
  • Nominate highly trusted banks in the middle east region, to handle all financial aspects of the mutual cooperation.

Legal Department

  • Mediate the contracting procedures, handle all related negotiations and push forward any suggestions through our inner connections network.
  • Represent the supplier in any official meetings, events, tenders… etc. Given a Letter of Authorization has been officially provided by the supplier.