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Solid Trade, being one of the first companies in this field, allowed us to become a pioneer, gaining the trust of the Egyptian Client.

Our scope in the industry allows us to play the role of the planner, the advisor and we contribute in the project coordination as well as facilitating the implementation of solutions related to quality or process improvements.

Besides to utilizing resources efficiently, planning the next steps together with the project management.

Our Mission

Opening the market for construction of ships and other floating vessels, which normally takes place in a specialized facility, known as a shipyard. Reaching Shipbuilders and follow a specialized track corresponding with the Industrial Revolution.

Our Vision

Getting the shipbuilding industry in Egypt to become in parallel with worldwide Industrial Revolution.

Our Strategy

Spreading knowledge of the shipbuilding industry and reaching the ultimate portals for this industry, worldwide and incorporating the resolutions with the Egyptian shipbuilding industry. Only supply high quality products that are of the latest innovations worldwide. Our partnerships, are always with well-known suppliers/manufacturers from all over the world, and exclusive to assure price and quality control. Shipbuilding and ship repairs, both commercial and military, are a target for Solid Trade.

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